Think About Drugs

Who We Are

In today’s world there are many programs dealing with drugs. They often categorize the substances, give lists of harmful effects and then tell you to never touch them. Their intention is a good one. However, the results are not often significant. We found a better way!

To explain the "World of Drugs" Boyd Merrill, and his son Jason, devised the presentation that includes a farm boy, a cop, a drug pusher and a university student. All based on factual true personal accounts about the "World of drugs".

"Think about Drugs" is a copyrighted presentation that operates as a non profit organization under the legal entity "Think About It Productions Incorporated 2010". No person gets a salary or financial benefit from this NL based program! We use all funding/ donations for the sole purpose of spreading this important message. Our donations are used to manufacture, distribute and upgrade the DVD and VHS versions of the presentation and related promotional activities.

We strive to put a copy of this presentation everywhere it is needed. In schools, youth groups, private homes, service groups, etc so that the truth can be shared. Our program empowers youth. It empowers and assists parents and teachers. It works! Our presentation has earned many local, provincial and national awards. It is a real NL success story!

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