Think About Drugs

What We Do

The true to life play called Norm and Fred - "Think About Drugs" helps kids deal with solving every day problems by making informed choices. The primary goal is to make kids think about their decisions.

Our program was born with a presentation to 20 kids in a small school library in 1993. By 2003 it grew to a presentation that was delivered to audiences of 1700 people in large theaters and auditoriums. The presentation was delivered "live" over 500 times between 1993 and 2003. We reached more than 150,000 persons! Many more have watched the video in many countries!

It has become known as one of the most powerful and thought provoking presentations on this topic in the world. The audience is able to relate to the true life experiences of the show's four characters. Each of the characters represents an actual set of experiences therefore the show reflects an honesty the audience respects. It is the play's ability to relate to it's audience that has earned it the applause of viewers. The message is strong, paralyzing and it gets results. In fact most performances end in an outpouring of emotion from the audience.

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